COZY - Nectarine Duftlys, Soja voks

COZY - Nectarine Duftlys, Soja voks

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195,00 kr
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Kollektion : COZY - Nectarine

Product dimensions : 222 G. - 50 Hour - Gift box - D8xH9 cm

Main Material : Soy wax

Composition : Soy wax, Glass, Cotton

Colour Code : Red

ILLUMECAND Burning time : 50 hrs.

ILLUMECAND Content : 222 g.

ILLUMECAND First time use : When you light your candle for the first time, it is very important to allow approx 1 hour burntime or until your candle has a complete melt pool before extinguishing.

ILLUMECAND Fragrance family : Floral, fruity.

ILLUMECAND Gift box : Yes

ILLUMECAND Scent describtion : A finely crafted aroma of lush fruity top notes and a heart of Turkish rose and violet leaf, all atop creamy woods and musk.

ILLUMECAND Scent notes : Top notes: nectarine, dark plum. Heart notes: Turkish rose, violet leaf. Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood.

ILLUMECAND Up-cycling : Place your vessel in the freezer if any wax left after your final burn. Let the wax freeze, then take it out. Use a butter knife to gently remove the frozen wax. Wash with soapy water and re-use.

ILLUMECAND Vessel colour : Red

ILLUMECAND Vessel finish : Spray colored glass/gold foil

ILLUMECAND Warning : Never leave a burning candle unattended

ILLUMECAND Wax composition : 100% natural soy wax

ILLUMECAND Wax protection : No

ILLUMECAND Wick : 100% cotton

Pro Care Instruction : Trim wick to 5-6 mm. before each burn.

Sales Text : Scented candle made from soy wax in a beautiful matte red glass container with gold foil, which goes perfectly when styled in a group with other home accessories in your favorite spot of the house. This Cozy scent is handpicked with fruity notes of nectarine and dark plum as well as Turkish rose, violet leaf, creamy wood and musk. The scented candle comes in a beautiful gift box - perfect for any occasion.